Pre-Remodel Preparation. An Exciting Time.

Image showing owner of Benoah Renovations

Luke Zmolik, Owner of Benoah Renovations

Remodeling projects can be stressful and expensive. All too often homeowners put off projects,only to rush through the process when they are finally ready to proceed. I can give my advice in just one word when it comes to the preparations needed in remodeling projects, “Patience”. The front end of the process, the pre-construction preparation is the key to establish a firm game plan. This will set your project up for a stress free construction process. It also gives you a better chance to stay within the established budget. A good pre-construction process starts with good design. Preliminary drawings and sketches can be made based on your budget. This is where you need to use the knowledge and experience of a qualified remodeling contractor. Addition costs per square foot can range from $120 to $200 per square foot depending on the complexity and materials used. Kitchen remodels can range from $20,000 to$50,000. These are very large variations in price. A good contractor can help you to come up with a firmer remodeling number.

Based on your budget, make as many material selections as possible. This will help expedite the construction process. If you are unable to decide on some selections at least come up with an allowance price you for each of those selections that you are going to stick with. For example, determining a $5.00 per square foot tile allowance or a $14,500 kitchen cabinet allowance would save you from having to adjust  the  budget  during  the  construction process.  With the many new products out, you may be surprised at how long a good contractor can stretch your dollar.

It is also important to contact pertinent trades and craftsmen to review the preliminary designs. Is the electric panel load large enough to handle any additional electrical work you may want in your new design? Will the Heat and Air units be able to handle added square footage? Will removing a wall cause  structural  issues?  How hard will it be to match existing wall textures? These are all simple questions that need to be asked to confirm your designs are buildable.

With the contractors help the design ideas and drawings can be finalized. 2D and 3D drawings should be drawn for clarity for other contractors. Include wall, perspective, and elevation drawings. A window, door, and cabinet schedule also help clarify final selections. These drawings can then be submitted for permits if applicable.

Do not rush through this front-end preparation as it is the most important of all the remodeling processes. This is the ideal time to use your creativity and decision making. Enjoy this time as it could take months. Believe me. It will save you a lot of stress and is well worth the effort.

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