Adding a Door In an Exterior Brick Wall

    Do you need a door added into a brick wall, but can’t afford it? Have the estimates for this project come in higher than you expected? The chances are that the prices are high because your remodeler has to include brick and drywall repair costs. Tell your remodeler you know a company by the name of Benoah Renovations that can insert the door with no brick or drywall repairs. Here’s how!

The information in this blog corresponds with my 2 part video on this project.

ü  4’ ladder

ü  Drop cloths

ü  Shop vac

ü  Hand tools

ü  Saw zall

ü  Cordless drill with a ¼” x 12” masonry bit

ü  A multipurpose tool

ü  4’ level

ü  Saw

ü  Small sledge hammer

ü  Mason chisel

ü  Protective goggles, mask, ear plugs

ü  Saw zall blades

ü  Cord

ü  Flashlight

ü  Drill Bits

ü  Screws and nails

ü  Glue

ü  Mason Saw

ü  Wheelbarrow


Determine the best location for the new door

  • o    Dodge interior trade issues such as pipes, wires, ductwork
  • o    Be aware of exterior problems such as grade issues, wall offsets, HVAC units, etc.

Work preparation

  • o    Clear all items from work area
  • o    Lay down drop cloths and other home care products

Make final determination if door location is workable

  • o    Visually check interior and exterior conditions – preliminary determination
  • o    Cut a small hole just above interior baseboard, hand feel, remove insulation, and visually check   
  • o    Cut a larger hole just above to verify that nothing will cause problems– final determination

Mark the door rough opening on the exterior wall

  • o    Drill a hole from the interior through the mortar joint to create a controlled dimension pull spot  
  • o    Determine the height of the door by using the rough opening of the door; add height for interior throw rugs and exterior trim.
  • o    Make sure the top horizontal line runs through the next mortar joint up from the height rough opening of the door
  • o    Adjust door location side to side as needed trying to leave at least a half a brick on each side for the angle iron support
  • o    Using a level, mark the exterior door rough opening on the brick wall

Cut out the door hole on the brick wall (brick dust and debris is a big factor)

  • o    Be aware of wires, plumbing, etc. before cutting
  • o    Run a temporary awning to control the brick debris spray
  • o    Use a brick mason saw to cut the hole in the brick
  • o    Use protective wear when cutting
  • o    Use a shop vac to help control the dust
  • o    Do not cut above the top horizontal line

Remove the brick from the door opening

  • o    Create a starting point of removal at the center of the door opening
  • o    Remove the bricks from the inside out
  • o    Gently remove the top courses of brick last
  • o    Clean up all brick debris
  • o    Chip any rough edges of brick along cut lines with brick chisel

Mark the door rough opening on the interior wall

  • o    Insert some form of rod through the exterior sheathing at the sides and top of door opening
  • o    Determine the interior rough opening of the door – pay attention to manufacturers rough opening and add extra height for interior throw rugs
  • o    Using a level, mark the door rough opening on the interior wall

Cut out the door hole on the interior wall (drywall dust is a big factor)

  • o    Remove the insulation
  • o    Be aware of wires, plumbing, etc. inside the wall cavity
  • o    Cut and remove the drywall
  • o    Clean up dust and debris

Cut out the wall framing

  • o    Build a temporary wall if there is a heavy load and a wide rough opening
  • o    Cut and remove the exterior sheathing
  • o    Add the header height plus an extra inch and a half  to the door height and cut the top of the studs
  • o     Install a flat 2×4 from stud to stud for header top
  • o    Cut out the bottom sill plate

Install the brick angle iron

  • o    Determine and hollow out the brick mortar joint at the angle iron horizontal line
  • o    Chip off and clean up any overflow of mortar on the interior face of brick
  • o    Gently slip in the brick angle iron from the inside
  • o    Shim the angle iron as needed

Install the wall door header

  • o    Install header; glue and screw it under flat 2×4
  • o    Install 2 jack studs on each side of door for header support

Install final details of framework

  • o    Tape and caulk sheathing joint as needed
  • o    Add glue to exterior sheathing
  • o    Nail or screw exterior sheathing and interior drywall
  • o    Install angle iron and sheathing spacers
  • o    Clean up
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2 Responses to Adding a Door In an Exterior Brick Wall

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  2. Weldon Rowan says:

    I needed to install an exterior door in an existing brick wall of a bedroom we were converting to a studio. I was a bit hesitant to do the work myself, but I watched the videos on how to do it posted by Benoah Renovations. I decided to give it a try. The videos were right on, the project went just like it showed and I was able to install the door and frame without undue hassle. According to some of the bids I received from local contractors, I saved over $1000 by doing the job myself. Thanks, Benoah!

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